World of SamsGazebos

Where Paradise Found…

In exhaustion following years of boat building to fulfill a personal dream, my mind was captured by the thought of building gazebos. This epitome of paradise inspired my passion for technical sophistication and high level of craftsmanship ever since, has been my fantasy for the last thirty years.

With its warmth and grace, these serene, charismatic architectures invoke heavenly spirits, release you from the chaos of daily life, and lift your spirits to an uncommon state of freedom and peace.

When an English architect first adapted the divine structures to the Western culture, he coined the word gazebo, “I shall gaze.” Perhaps it was a metaphor for “Where paradise found.” A gazebo creates a focal point in landscapes, affords a cozy setting for relaxation, and highlights special occasions.

We make dreams real to fulfill your wishes and desires. We wish for your happiness and the very best in life, we continue to dedicate our efforts to creating innovative outdoor products to enhance your lifestyle.

California Classic – Sam’s Legacy

A love of woodworking has been part of Sam’s family for more than a century. He is a fourth-generation wood craftsman who learned the closely-guarded secrets of traditional Japanese carpentry techniques from his father when he was a boy growing up in Okinawa. The elegance of these fabrication techniques creates sleek lines which are harmonious with natural settings, a concept which Sam later adapted to his own unique business venture in the United States.

Sam’s first California creation was a 40-foot yacht constructed entirely from scratch, a process which took ten years to complete. This accomplishment inspired his next brainchild: gazebos, which were conceived and rendered with the same structural integrity as the family’s traditionally built boats.

Sam’s “California Classic” designs are powerful, elegantly simple forms. The elimination of unnecessary visual elements allows the gazebos to mesh with casual and formal settings, as well as both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Today, Sam’s legacy lives on. His line has been featured in many national and international publications. Sam’s father who had been building ships for museums and television productions for years, was honored with a national cultural award as master ship builder. His last commission, a 100-foot Ryukyu Shinkosen wooden ship, “Nanto-Maru” is displayed at a theme park in Okinawa, Japan. Sam has been productive, refining and creating his line. He is planning to introduce his wooden sailboats “Bunji” named after his father next year.

Hollywood Gazebos

SamsGazebos has many Hollywood credits.

Our gazebos helped to create a romantic backyard for NBC’s "Cybill", an intimate setting for "Sister, Sister", a beautiful wedding for "Half and Half", and a Shakespeare gazebo for “Parks and Recreation” to name but a few. Our gazebos were also featured in HGTV “I hate my yard”, commercials for Toyota and Zales. Our quick turn around and fast installation made it possible for their crew to film on schedule.

Labor of Love

The U.S. Army had ordered twenty 22’ gazebos for Bar-B-Q areas.

Prefabricated kits weighting 100,000 lbs were rushed to Fort Lewis, Washington, just in time for summer.

Some of the Fort Lewis residents in uniform joyously assembled gazebo kits in July. It was quite a party!