Octagon Gazebo with Single Tiered Type A, 2 x 6 T&G Roof, Country Corbels, Classic Steel Columns, Five Handrails, 12-foot


Octagon is a powerful, yet well-balanced form; it symbolizes man's partnership with nature, inspires the human spirit toward positive outlook, health, prosperity, and happiness.

The gazebo is a destination for residents to stroll at this retirement home.

  • Octagon gazebo with single tiered type A with 2 x 6 tongue and groove underlayment for tile
  • 16 Country Corbels 
  • 8 Classic Steel Columns with craftsman style details
  • 5 railings with 3 entrances
  • Tile, patio furniture, light fixtures are not included.

<Belmont Village Senior Center, Thousand Oaks, CA>

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